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Compreflex Standard Arm by Sigvaris

Compreflex Standard Arm is an inelastic product that provides a mild to medium compression (≤ 40 mmHg). The product is combined with a pair of Cotton Liners to protect the skin.


It is ideal for patients with Venous and Lymphatic disorders. Patients with Chronic Venous Insufficiency or those with chronic edema will find the product easy to use and supportive in their care. Individuals with lymphedema, actively working to manage their condition will find the conforming material and supporting application features of the Compreflex ideal for the management of the disorder.



  • Unrestricted range of motion aided by unique elbow design
  • Interior sleeve to support self-application and removal
  • Conforming, moisture-wicking material that contours to the shape of the arm and closes securely around the limb
  • Rounded straps for improved grip and fastening ability


Material Composition:

  • Polyamide: 45%
  • Polyurethane foam: 28%
  • Cotton: 14%
  • Elastane: 8%
  • Neoprene: 5%


Compreflex Standard Arm

Color: Black
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