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CarePump Lite6 is designed in cooperation with the Polish Lymphological Society, supporting 6-chamber cuffs. The device is easy to use and available at an affordable price, so it is eagerly chosen by private users who value the convenience of performing lymphatic drainage at home.


Easy-to-use device for mechanical lymphatic drainage

CarePump Lite6 is a professional device for performing pressotherapy (mechanical lymphatic drainage) at home. The device is easy to use, supports 6-chamber cuffs, has 6 operating modes developed by the Polish Lymphological Society and generates pressure in the range of 20-220 mmHg.  This method is recommended for many diseases, including the circulatory and lymphatic systems, for athletes to accelerate regeneration and prevent injuries, as well as for aesthetic reasons, e.g. to reduce cellulite.



  • Certificate of the Polish Lymphological Society :The device is accredited by a medical organization associating specialists in the field of anti-stagnant therapy.
  • Polish production and service : Polish production of the apparatus, taking into account the needs of specialists at the device design stage.
  • Easy to use : Convenient parameter setting thanks to the large 5 ”screen and dial.
  • 6 pre-programs : The devices have 6 operating modes (cuff inflation methods) developed by the Polish Lymphological Society.
  • Fine adjustment of parameters : The device allows very fine adjustment of parameters, up to 1 mmHg for pressure setting or 1 min for time settings.
  • Possibility to turn off individual chambers : This function is especially desirable in case of some diseases and injuries. It allows you to exclude any chamber from the treatment (no pumping).
  • Overlapping cuffs : The cuffs have an overlapping ventricle system which prevents lymphatic retraction during the procedure, making it more effective.
  • Low volume level : Quiet operation, conducive to relaxation, allowing free conversation or watching TV.


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CarePump Lite6

Color: Black
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